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Wake Up Narcolepsy (WUN), a national leader for research and awareness, is pleased to announce a partnership with New York-based film production and commercial content company Red Square Pictures (RSP) to produce a documentary feature film on narcolepsy. Russell Rosenberg, PhD, a well-respected opinion leader in the narcolepsy space, will act as a key consultant for Red Square Pictures and its filmmaking team. The documentary aims to accurately depict narcolepsy and how debilitating this rare medical disorder actually is.  It will bring greater awareness and attention to narcolepsy, a serious, yet commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed medical condition. The film will expand WUN’s reach, plus support continued efforts to accurately diagnose people suffering with narcolepsy. “Wake Up Narcolepsy continues to spearhead impactful awareness, education and research initiatives and is excited to work with Red Square Pictures on such an incredibly important project”, stated Mary Beth Guckian, WUN Board Chair. “It is WUN’s hope that this documentary will help to decrease not only the stigma associated with narcolepsy, but also reduce the time it takes to get diagnosed from 10 years to six months.” “We relish this opportunity to bring a voice to the voiceless within the narcolepsy space,” said Benjamin Cox, RSP founder and producer of the film. “Although we know making this film will be challenging, we couldn’t have asked for a more supportive partner in Wake Up Narcolepsy or for a more worthy cause.”

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